The knowledge and work of various alloys of plastic are the basis of Proflex Products. Indeed, Proflex Products is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic products. Founded in 1995 by Mr. Gilles De Blois and Ms. Ginette Dubuc in Drummondville, Proflex Products is recognized for quality and exclusivity of its polycarbonate hood deflectors for cars, trucks and sport utility vehicules. Proflex Products is also very active at the level of subcontracting in the field of vacuum molding.

Growing demand and the unique processes of transformation of plastic sheets, made Proflex Products a leader in the field. The company has always been noteworthy for the quality of the products it designs, by the close relationship it has with its customers and its ability to constantly innovate. The company's mission is also to ensure reliability, quality and excellence of its products as well as customer satisfaction.
  Proflex Products. 700 Bergeron Drummondville Québec Canada J2C 7V5 tel: 819-478-8996 télé: 819-478-4022